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Thread: A+ to Everlast so far!!! Brilliant product!!

  1. Default A+ to Everlast so far!!! Brilliant product!!

    Well, my wife ordered me a PA140st for Christmas. After reading as many posts here and watching videos about Everlast products I was super excited to open my present this year.

    Here are a couple of the surprises when I opened up the box.

    Work and clamp leads were about 10 foot in length. Seems to be differing lengths reported, happy with this length.

    Work lead had a very nice and solid clamp. Had the copper strap that connected both side of the clamp and had a robust build, way better than has been reported her and there.

    Instead of the little toggle switch for Tig/Stick on front panel mine has a nice to the feel rocker style switch.

    Stick lead had a nice clamp style rod holder. Some reported screw in style, I like the clamp style myself so super happy with it.

    The nicest surprise..... Power cord had the 220volt male plug already attached and wait...... there was a female 220volt to male 120volt adapter included also!! Super cool. I would have already had these purchased before it arrived but got busy with holiday chores. Saved my a pretty fair amount of money/time with this being included. I wasn't expecting this for sure. Ready to power up with either 220 or 120 straight out of the box!!

    As we have had company and a ton of other things going on the only thing I have been able to do was to attach the 120volt adapter and plug the machine into the wall and power it up and turn the amp pot up and down. Hee hee! Still waiting to melt some metal.

    Looking forward to trying the stick mode out and putting the tig torch together and hook up some argon and do some tig work with it. Will report back with more details after I have given the machine some work time.

    Regards, Bill

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    Wow! Merry Christmas!
    Oxweld oxy acet gear
    IMIG 200
    PowerTIG 210 EXT... Amazing!

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    Yes, got my Powertig 185 and my experience mirrors yours except I did not get the stick rod holder. Most far I'm impressed.


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