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Thread: No amperage control on PP256

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    Does anybody have any experience with this pedal on a PP256. I for some reason have no amperage control now tig welding, its either not welding or its full bore to the set amperage. I bought the SSC foot pedal through Evelast and even had ssc look at the pedal and theres nothing wrong with the pedal. I had the same problem before and it ended up being something burnt up on the welder the first month I had it. Any helps appreciated

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    Can some one move this to the correct forum for me. thought it was the multi process section lol. thanks

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    I just went through something similar ->

    The pedal sucks, the pedals connection to the machine sucks too (I finally had to "spring", carefully, the male pins outward so the plug was hard to insert. So far, So good, we'll see if it's a real fix )

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    I don't think its the same pedal you are thinking. This pedal is the same one that HTP and Lincoln uses. Just has a 50k pot

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    Unless your PP256 is different than mine. Yea, 50K pot.

    I donno, have you opened it? Does it have a belt? (that the cold effects?)

    I'd take a good look at the connector. I closed-up the female pins in the wire end, that worked for awhile, but as I said had to work on the machine side too. My connections there were also a problem (besides the belt "jumping")

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