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    Originally Posted by JimMinKent

    Oh boy, you just got me thinking...

    With all the timers on board the EXT, a guy should be able to spot weld, And We Can!

    For a say, 60 amp 2 second spot weld do this:

    2T mode
    AC or DC your choice,
    Pre-flow = 0.5 (my standard setting)
    Start amps = 60
    Upslope = 0
    Welding amps = 60
    Downslope = 2.0 sec
    End amps = 60

    Bingo, just let off the switch as soon as she lights off, and you've got a burn time the duration of your Downslope setting.
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    I think this is a handy tip and it's unique to the 255 EXT, I wrote it up in my long post but it'll be easier to find here.

    I use the Pedal mode AND the 2T mode with the foot pedal. In Pedal mode, I get variable amperage control, and in 2T mode, I get a burst at the panel amps setting.

    For example, setting the panel to 200 amps, in 2T the pedal acts as the torch switch, and I get an instant 200 amp burst, great for hot tacking. Then, simply press the button to select Pedal, and it's back to normal welding without ever swapping out the pedal and torch switch connections.

    This works because the EXT doesn't use the remote pot in 2T, but rather is poised to run the sequencer parameters.

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