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Thread: Meyer Snow Plow - Ford Expedition - Mount - Install

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    Default Meyer Snow Plow - Ford Expedition - Mount - Install

    Here is what I thought was going to be a quick project for a customer than turned out to be a royal nightmare lol. This customer had me remove this snow plow from an old rusted out S10 Blazer around June. He told me he wanted to get a new truck and would have me mount the plow to that truck once he found one. And well here it is. I hate this truck! lmao

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    Nice job. Hope you make good money on it. Sometimes they are $40 1 inch welds and sometimes they are a lot of work like that. Assume all the rust is from the salt on the road during snow season?

    Cardboard mocks are important too, especially when going Chevy to Ford lol.
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    Thank you guys. And yeah the rust is from the salt. It's really not that bad though. This one is in great shape compared to everything else I've worked on out here lol. Well other than my own truck. And no I didn't make enough money off of it lol. I bid the job and didn't expect it to be nearly as involved. Oh well it happens from time to time. I learned allot of important details about snow plows that I didn't know before so that's a plus. And he'll be a return customer so it should balance out over time.
    Alvarez Metal Works
    Syracuse/DeWitt, NY

    *** PowerTIG 210 EXT *** PowerPlasma 50 *** I-MIG 200 ***

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