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Thread: setting up my first shop, help me choose equipment please :-D

  1. Default setting up my first shop, help me choose equipment please :-D

    I really appreciate any help and/or knowledge you choose to share with me. I recently purchased my first house and now I'm wanting to set up a nice little work station, but I'm having trouble choosing exactly what equipment I should purchase.I'm working with limited space and I would like to be able to do/learn as many processes as possible. I'm hoping to not spend much for than 3k setting up the welding station. I've been looking at these 3 in 1 everlast machines.

    Would I be better off going with :

    1.) Power pro 256 + Power I-Mig 200 (800+1800=2600)

    2.) Power Plasma 50 + MTS 250S (1500+850=2350)

    Option 1 would give me AC tig (vs dc mig aluminum), a more powerful plasma cutter, and a less powerful but more versatile (110 and 220) mig for 250 more... so I'm leaning that direction.#

    what other equipment would you recommend as must have. I'm looking for the most Mobil yet inclusive set up I can get.

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    Hey, Berzurker, welcome to the forums! And congrats on the new house!

    "As many processes as possible" would lean me toward the PowerPro 256 too, so you could TIG weld aluminum. (I just watched a PP256 video on the Everlast home page, as a matter of fact.) If you bought a DC only TIG you might find yourself regretting it later.

    What kind of projects do you have in mind?
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    I'd recommend the 200DX, PowerPlasma 50 and the IMIG 200. The 256 plasma cutter isn' necessarily that much more powerful than a separate 50 amp plasma unit. Sacrifices on performance have to be made.
    1200, 850, 800.

    The 200DX will give 95% of our customers all the welding power they'll need. Call me direct and I can do better than that on a package you'll end up with dual voltage capabilities all the way around with the 200dX (DV).

    You'll be better off with the package I just gave you than the PP256 and i mig alone. Trust me here.

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    Hey DaveO, thanks for the response. I'm planning on doing a bit of everything. steel bumper for ram 2500, stainless chairs / table, possibly some aluminium. might work on some larger stuff like cattle guards from time to time. also some artsy stuff around the house, winee holders etc. pretty much whatever I can make custom!

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    Don't forget that the 256 comes with a watercooled torch, and you'll need a water cooler...or purchase an air cooled torch...then you can't use the extra 50 amps anyway because the air cooled torches top out at 200 amps capacity.

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    thanks for the input Mark. let me do a little research on the package you suggested and I'll definitely get ahold of you!

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    200DX, PowerPlasma 50 and the IMIG 200 is the way to go, you'll be much happier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama585 View Post
    200DX, PowerPlasma 50 and the IMIG 200 is the way to go, you'll be much happier.
    Funny, this is my list lol. Just got in the 200dx and ordered the ssc foot pedal from Oleg. Next on my list is the PP 50.

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    Is the 200dx available in dual voltage? It looks like 220 only on the products tab. Also, would I miss the dig functionality?

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    The 200DX has the arc force function. I got your message and responded at length, and now it's not showing up that I sent it. My apologies. It's available in dual voltage but not listed on the site. It runs 100.00 more than the regular unit. The website is a little out of date as we are uploading a new one, including revamping the forum. Please look at the full image, and not just the specs. These panel features are up to date I beleive. The dig/arc force function is related only to stick function. Even before it had it but it was auto adaptive.

    To differentiate between the 200DX and the 200DX dual voltage, we're simply renaming the dual voltage model the 200DV. Currently I believe they are still going to have a sticker that says DX, but that will be phased out soon.

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    Mark is 100% spot on with the 200DX, PP50 and IMIG-200. I would not get excited about the 110VAC myself if going in a shop. I use 255EXT, PP50 and IMIG200 myself. I would not get the 256 for a shop unless it is low use, you are very tight on space and funds. And on space, I have all three on one cart.
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