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    Hello All..

    Just a quick note here to intro myself. I am a semi-retired military guy with over 40 years of welding experience. NOT a professional welder...just working around home and the farm mostly and doing small projects for friends. Started originally with an AC buzz box (still have one..) and have moved recently to an inverter machine. Now that I have a little more time to myself, I am doing a little more welding......Started taking a cert. class at a local school and it is showing me how LITTLE I really know about welding!!

    I am thinking about adding another machineto my equipment and maybe a plasma cutter too. I want to get some input from folks who know the brand so that I can make an intelligent decision.

    Thanks in advance for your help......

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    Welcome to the group,,plenty of neat guys to help you out...lots of interesting posts on all subjects here...good bunch of people,,,even when we butt heads on subjects,,we do it with respect for the other fellow,,,that what makes this a great site..
    Some of those lies people tell about me, are true

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Welding is a great skill to have. What kind of welding are you primarily interested in? That would probably help people identify which machines might best match your needs. 2013 has been a very good year for new and upgraded Everlast products.

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    ATOM welcome to the forum I have a 225 AC buzz box and a Pa 200.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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    Welcome to the forum, A-T-O-M!
    If you are looking for a stick welder the PowerArc 200 is a really good machine. The IMIG 200 is a pretty good MIG welder (I wouldn't recommend it for flux core since I had problems with it feeding correctly - with gas it seems to work fine). The Power Plasma 50 is a pretty good plasma, although we did have some problems with our first one. The new one seems to work fine.

    Owner of IMIG 200 and half owner of Power Plasma 50

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone....I appreciate folks who are willing to share their knowledge. Like I said, I already have a couple of welders but am looking to improve my abilities and hence my equipment. I have a couple of ideas and some goals to be fulfilled. I guess I will wander over to a true discussion area of the forum and post a question or two there (somewhere other than here...on the "greeting" thread..!!!). I am sure there are a lot of folks with ideas...

    Thanks again..

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