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    I have this 30 lb roll of .045" MIG wire. I presume it's a SS wire but the label is very faded.

    I'm more or less guessing on these numbers but this what I think I can read.

    TYPE: ER38

    Size: .045"

    W.O. #: 95A075

    Specs: AWS A5.9

    Again, I'm just guessing. Some of the numbers may be letters or some of the letters may be numbers...and some of the numbers may not be all there.

    There is a label saying it contains Chromium and nickel and is known to be carcenogenic.


    OH! I wanna use it fir TIGing SS. It puts down a nice small bead all shiny.
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    It probably says ER 308 or 308L. I believe that using it for Tig should be fine, as it is basically very similar to cut lengths of Tig wire, just smaller.

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    Being the wire is .045 its the same as what I use but to use it where you need a larger diameter I take about a 4 foot piece and fold it in halve and put the loose ends next one another in a vice and the the loop end in a hook or eye bolt in your battery drill and pull hard and run the drill and twist it tight. It will work well as a larger wire. Tried 2 pieces together but couldn't get a uniform twist. If you didn't twist tight enough just fuse the end together then it won't fray.

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    Thanks guys. I guess it forces me to keep my temps down because it's thin. For the most part, I'll be welding 1/16" (.063") wall SS tubing with maybe 1/8" bases or gussets so it looks like it'll work out for me. Most of the stuff will be 304 or 316 though I have stuff that's tuffer'n sh*t to grind. I hope it'll be OK.

    I'm embarrassed to say I've been using it for making crab pots(traps)

    Everlast 225 LX
    Everlast PP 50

    HF 130 TIG/90 ARC
    HF 90 fluxcore

    ATX MIG (don't ask)

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