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Thread: wiring schematics for units

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    Default wiring schematics for units

    The manual on Everlast site is great but sure would be nice if it included wiring schematic off the welder also. My other welders like Lincoln and the miller tig I sold had wiring schematic in there manual or was available at there sites or inside the welder cover . thanks Rod

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    The "manual" in the box, though it is worthless for most things includes a decent wiring diagram.

    Schematics are more technical, and after reading several Miller and Lincoln manuals from cover to cover, they do not offer "full" schematics, only a basic diagram.

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    If you go to miller there site there down load manual section they have a full wiring scematic in the manual. I know since just downloaded a full scematic for a dynasty 200 welder. dont understand the scematic since i am not a electrics repair guy lol all those little simbles a all greek to me. Well can you get a wiring scematic from the manufacturer of the welders so If I have a proublem with my welder are local electronics repairman can fix it , since this welder is my lively hood at my machine shop. thanks rod

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    That is a wiring diagram, as I have said. I double checked it. The box manual you received contains the same information. The information in the Miller manual would not be helpful to fix any components, as details are omitted. They do this for proprietary reasons as does any one else.

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    Hi Mark the wiring diagram's from Miller at least show the interconnect of the circuit boards and the connector pin locations. the circuit boards are proprietary but still you can trouble shoot from board to board and controls.
    Loose connections and in my case oxidized/loose connections.
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    any chance of getting the wiring info added?
    sold my miller mig
    got a PT250EX
    saving up for a plasma cutter

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