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    Good Morning

    My name is je1957 and have been in the construction industry for 33 years in south florida Love to ride my Harley and play golf
    I just purchased a 210 EXT tig machine I weld for a hobby and for friends mostly aluminum and stainless
    I was just wondering if there were basic panel setting for this type of welding mostly 1/8 inch material

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    Welcome, je1957! Congrats on the 210 EXT, I'm very pleased with mine. Naturally panel settings will vary from aluminum to stainless- here's a link to Everlast's welding calculator, which will give you a starting point for various weld scenarios:

    If you have time, think about joining the current Everlast contest- these are always a lot of fun.
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    Welcome to the forum je1957. Post some pictures of your projects if you get the chance. Definitely use the calculators and if you are using pulse, Jody from welding tips and tricks has some good videos on settings and welding using pulse.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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