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Thread: 2013 Summer Time Contest. June 21- October 1 2013

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    Default 2013 Summer Time Contest. June 21- October 1 2013

    You all have been waiting for it. Here it is. Notice a few of the rules have been revamped. We do reserve the right to fine tune contest rules if there is a perceived issue or conflict in the rules.
    Please be 18 to join...

    Any Questions about this contest please post in a separate thread, that someone may start and everyone can reply or post additional questions.

    It's the lazy days of summer time and it's time for another contest. This time we will have multiple entry chances as usual, but have
    added few things that you can do for multiple entries.

    It will begin on today June 21 2013 and end on October 1, 2013 11:59 pm.

    We'll be giving away 1200.00 worth of green bucks good toward the purchase of any Everlast product such
    as an Everlast PowerTIG 200DX or a PowerMTS 200 or Power Series Plasma Cutter. We'll also give a green bucks credit of 500.00 second and a 250.00 third prize.

    Here are the rules. Please read and follow them. Some are different or changed from the past. If you don't read them, and don't follow them, please don't complain if your entries are not counted.

    1) To QUALIFY and count as your first entry: Declare your entry HERE in THIS thread FIRST. State your starting post number Then, make 100 posts on the forum. You must also read/like and comment on 5 articles on Facebook OR watch/like/comment on 4 videos on our Everlast Generators channel or any combination as long as it reaches 5 total in combination. You can count project posts or anything else that counts
    toward additional entries as posts, but they must reach 100 before the end of the contest or nothing counts. If you don't have facebook, youtube may be your easiest approach.

    sites are located here:

    2) For additional entries you can select the following as additional entries.

    a) Post a welding project. This time we will limit it to any shop TOOL you made, including stools, tables, carts, crane etc.
    Each project posted counts as an entry. But you need to include details of the build AND PICTURES. Each project posted will count as an entry.

    b) Do a review on of any Everlast Product you own. This counts as an entry. Each review will count as an individual entry. (Recommended as an easy single entry)

    c) Create a video review of your Everlast product or a demo video using an Everlast product on Youtube/Vimeo etc. Post a link to it here on our forum. Each video will count as 2 entries.

    d) Do a review of your Everlast Product on (Recommended as an easy single entry) Each review will count as a single entry.

    3) When all posts have been satisfied, before the deadline, return HERE and summarize your entries and eligibility. Restate your starting post count and then state your ending post count.

    4) This contest will be limited to a total of 15 entries. That's right 15 possible ways to win.

    Legal Stuff:

    By entering this contest, the winning entrants agrees to keep and maintain the Everlast unit(s) purchased with the Green bucks and not to sell or otherwise divest the unit for a period of 2 years. Also, by entering, the entrant agrees to be used as a reference for up to two years and his/her promotion and their likeness and comments be used in any future promotional literature. Everlast may ask for the entrant’s honest, heartfelt comments about the “prize” unit after a period of time to be used in evaluation, product improvement and promotions. No actual cash compensation will be made to the contest winner. The winning entrant also agrees to hold Everlast harmless /blameless against any, death, injury, loss of time, or other damage or inconvenience while using an Everlast product or by entering this contest. Everlast is not responsible for paying any applicable state, federal or local taxes that may be incurred from the winnings of this promotion and the winning entrant agrees to assume any tax responsibility and shipping incurred. Odds of winning are dependent upon the actual number of qualified entries received by the deadline date and time. By entering this contest, the contestant acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of this contest. Final determination of eligibility is conditioned upon meeting the above criteria and the decision rests with Everlast.
    Contestants must be 1) Either in the continental US or Alaska OR 2) pay shipping costs and any duty or taxes due.

    Finally we reserve the right to make determination about the content, or quality of any/all posts. Posts that are found to be off topic, insulting to others, vulgar, lewd, or in any way inappropriate, can and will be removed and not counted. We reserve the right to remove any post or thread deemed not suitable for the forum. Unfortunately this may mean some posts from legitimate sources are wiped out, and these posts will not be able to be counted either. No purchase necessary to participate, though some additional entries may require ownership of an Everlast Product or Experience with an Everlast Product to get credit for an additional entry. However, there are plenty of ways to gain full/max entry numbers without purchase.
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    Eastern Oregon


    In again, this should be number 582.
    Penncrest Buzzbox - Infinite amp control! Man the 70's were good.
    Everlast Powerplasma 60 - Reliable unit, cuts well.
    Everlast i-MIG 250P w/spoolgun - Really smooth, plenty of cajones.
    Everlast 250EXT - Sometimes it just takes a kick in the balls...
    Everlast 255EXT - Just started playing

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    Now you're talkin'. Count me in with 1294 to start. Looks like a video version. I've been meaning to do something along those lines, and this is pretty good incentive.
    Long arc, short arc, heliarc and in-the-dark!

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    I'm entering with 1549 posts.
    2013 250EX : SSC Pedal : I-MIG 250P 20' Profax gun : Power Plasma 60 p80 torch : 3M Speedglas 9100XX : Evolution Rage 3 DB cold saw

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    I am in with 362, will have some spare time to get some things done.
    PowerTig 200DX
    Supercut 50P
    PowerTig Micro 185 SOLD GREAT MACHINE
    Millermatic 200
    Miller Thunderbolt
    Jet 1340 Lathe
    Jet 20" Drill Press
    Jet 12" Wet Band Saw
    Kalamazoo H7 Bandsaw
    Forward 12,000 lb 4 Post Lift

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    Count me in with a starting post count of 155. First prize green bucks would go a long way towards a shiny digital TIG welder. Good luck to all!

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    Canada, Suttonwest, Ontario


    2013 Summer Time Contest. June 21- October 1 2013

    I am in at 220 counting this one or 219 not counting this one, time to have more fun putting in post and reading them. GOOD luck to everyone in the contest.
    Last edited by Kempy; 06-21-2013 at 10:51 PM. Reason: adding
    Everlast PowerTig 325EXT (Canada)
    Everlast Power I Mig 250 (Canada)
    Everlast PowerPlasma 80S (Canada)
    Everlast PowerCool W300 (Canada)
    Everlast PowerMTS 250S Fitted with a 30A Spoolgun(Canada)
    Miller Dynasty 400 wireless(Canada)
    Millermatic 252 plus 30A Spoolgun(Canada)

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    Entering with 771 posts.
    Everlast 200DX
    Everlast PT185
    Shoptask 3-in-1 (not currently in my garage, but I own it...)

    Any day on a motorcycle like this that ends just needing parts and labor is a good day.
    4.82, 158.67mph 1/8th mile 7.350, 200.35mph 1/4 mile

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    Count me in. Starting with a grand total of 3 posts.
    PowerPro 205, fresh out of the box.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
    Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)

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    Cool, another contest! I'm in with 866. I like the expanded rules- looking forward to seeing what guys are up to!
    Oxweld oxy acet gear
    IMIG 200
    PowerTIG 210 EXT... Amazing!

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    I am Declaring my entry HERE in THIS thread Post count at entry 419.

    Miller Bobcat 3 Phase,
    Miller Suitcase X-Treme 12VS wire feeder for the Bobcat with M-25 300A .045" gun / Bernard 400A 5/64" wire mig gun .
    26 series gas cooled TIG torch, setup for quick connect to Bobcat.
    17 series gas cooled Tig Torch for Low Amp Solar Tig (Direct Solar Panel Powered Tig welding)
    Hobart Handler 187 Mig / Fluxcore
    EVERLAST PowerUltra 205P
    EVERLAST PowerTig 250 EXT 2013 Model

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    Greater Seattle, WA


    In at 763.
    '13 Everlast 255EXT
    '07 Everlast Super200P

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    Declaring my entry HERE in THIS thread count 65

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    I'm in with my 5 posts. This should motivate me to build something new.

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    In with 121 posts to start. Il already have some projects that I can finish up and submit as well besides the ones I randomly posted last month or so.
    2013 PT-200DX
    Ryobi Drill Press
    8" Shear
    6" Bench Grinder
    4x8 CNC Plasma Table

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    In with 6 posts at the start.
    imig 200
    PowerTig 210 EXT

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    Whine Country, California


    I'll give it a shot. Entering the contest with 263 posts.
    New Everlast PowerTig 250EX that is begging for me to come up with a few welding projects so it can stretch it's legs. Did someone say aluminum???

    Atlas 618 lathe
    Milwaukee Porta Band with custom made stand
    Dewalt 4-1/2" angle grinder
    Dewalt 14" chop saw

    Strong Hand Nomad portable table
    Juki sewing machine I've had for years (yes I know sewing is for girls)

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    Litchfield Park, AZ


    Quote Originally Posted by youngnstudly View Post
    I'll give it a shot. Entering the contest with 263 posts.
    I am in starting with 342 posts.
    Miller 252
    PowerTig 250 EXT
    Evolution Rage 2
    48X6 inch Belt Sander w/ 9 inch Disk Sander

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    I am in at 1027
    Lincoln Eagle Engine Drive
    Everlast MTS 250
    Everlast Power Tig 225lx
    HTP Mig 2400
    Everlast Power Plasma 60C --> Just need to finish my CNC Plasma Table!
    Miller Spectrum 375 Extreme Plasma cutter
    Victor cutting torch
    HF 20 Ton Shop Press
    HF 4x6 Band Saw
    HF Air Compressor
    Northern Tool Drill Press

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    I will enter with 501 posts.
    Everlast 255EXT - Perfection
    Everlast PowerPro 256 - UPS Demolished
    Everlast MTS200s
    12 Ton Shop Press
    DeWalt Hand Tools/ChopSaw

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