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Thread: (Qty 2) Tig welder Foot Pedal Aluminum construction,Light Weight, low profile & cheap

  1. Thumbs up (Qty 2) Tig welder Foot Pedal Aluminum construction,Light Weight, low profile & cheap

    I have 2 modded Vox foot pedals thats in super great condition both have new 47K ohms potentiometer for the everlast powertig 200DX.If your welder
    uses a different potentiometer you can purchase it for $3-$20 on eBay or at Radio Shack.Cable not included and all you have to do is use your cable from your existing foot pedal.Chrome pedal $75 shipped and Black powder coat pedal $55 shipped.

    Fully depressed you can see the multimeter shows 51K ohms.

    Degrees when fully depressed.

    OEM pedal height.

    Modded pedal height.

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    Did you stop playing guitar ?
    2013 250EX : SSC Pedal : I-MIG 250P 20' Profax gun : Power Plasma 60 p80 torch : 3M Speedglas 9100XX : Evolution Rage 3 DB cold saw

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    Ha ha,I never did it was a project I worked on.I got 3 and using one so the other 2 have to go.

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    I only have the chrome foot pedal left!

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