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    OK what is the big mystery of 6010? Why it is so desirable to run and how is it that different from 6011? Why would you run it before 6011?
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    6010 was invented before 6011...there is no advantage over 6011,,except a couple of amps lower,,6011 was invented to run on buzz box welders,,,6010 is a DC rod made for engine driven welders on the back of pickup trucks welding pipe lines,,,both are paper rods fast freeze and long arc...with todays inverter welders either one will weld nicely,,,,6011 is the most common now,,available near every where,,,I grew up on 6010 cause that was all there was,,,used 6011 on my buzz box and found it works as good as 6010 which is stricktly a DC rod...If you have to make a choice ,,,flip a coin,,,
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    6011 was made for AC and it made differently to suit AC(arc stabilizers).. cheaper machines are usually AC so its a good rod for em.. Even on dc+ they are good for beginners because of how much easier it is to keep an arc going. I digress I think the main reason they have 6011 is because if youre running a machine that is capable of running AC; you can weld magnetized steel well easier anyways. Ive only seen 6011 used once on a pipeline and that was a waste water line that was being diverted. I guess the steel became magnetized from electrolysis. Other than that Ive only seen hobbyists use em for the first reasons.

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    For coded pipe welding, in the US, Its always DC current, most always 6010 root and 7018 out
    But, of course there's 6011 and 7018AC and a buzz-box, which is a very economical pipe welding get-up

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    More and More, places are calling for 7018 all the way out....

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