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Thread: Work Bench For My Shop

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    Had to fast forward through a bit, maybe a little more editing would help. One thing that would be nice is to do a little less explaining and actually show more of the work. It seems like the only bit of work was the painting and that sorta ranks up there with paint drying. But seeing some of the other things would have been cool. I was hoping you would show that long plasma cut that you had all setup, but you cut to the next clip and it was all done and in place. Some of the welding would be nice, too. Seeing the actual work is usually better than just hearing it described. That metal pegboard is cool stuff. I know they use it for store shelving, but I'm sure it's a fortune, new. I got a bunch of what they call gondolas that are made out of that, from finding stores going out of business or being remodeled. You can get the stuff for pennies on the dollar, and it's super tough. The one thing about a tough economy, is there is no shortage of failed businesses to get all kinds of stuff from.
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