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Thread: Tim Robel reviews the PowerPlasma 60s

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    Default Tim Robel reviews the PowerPlasma 60s

    PowerPlasma 60s is a mighty fine cutter. See it in action.

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    Something is not right with his regulator. I set mine at 82psi static and it drops to 70psi cutting. I have the p80 HF torch like the first one shown and my 1.1mm consumables last a very long time with super dry air.
    I really like the look and function of the new PP60 but I would prefer a torch that can get into tighter areas and a roller guide. The PP60 is my favorite tool in the shop and works perfectly every time I use it.
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    That's a good looking cutter! I've been wanting to sell my supercut 50 and do some upgrading!
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    Trafimet, not Tramifet

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