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Thread: Why doesn't the I-MIG 250P have a spoolgun?

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    Exclamation Why doesn't the I-MIG 250P have a spoolgun?

    There have been many questions about the I-MIg 250 P and not having a spool gun to do aluminum.

    There are several reasons we don't have it currently on there.

    1) The mig is primarily a pulse mig which is designed for working with a teflon liner along with the 4 roller feeder to smoothly push the wire along for aluminum. The unit should feed fine on most aluminum wires as it was designed.

    2) It is a 250 amp mig, which our largest spool gun right now is 200 amps...Over amping the spoolgun would cause problems. Of course we know no one would do such a thing...

    3) We are working with a push pull technology, but it is a slow process...I repeat slow.... And it is favorable to a spool gun because of the capacity and economy.

    4) We have both the I MIG 160 and 200 which are capable of producing fine welds with aluminum with our 200 amp rated spool gun.

    5) The Aluminum wire sizes that are common for spool guns spray well under 200 amps. Wires over .035 are really better fed off a larger rolll and is more practical.

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    Default Mig aluminum

    I have been using a Lincoln 175 mig welder for aluminum for years. works great as long as you dont bend the lead in a tight curve even the soft wire works good, Also I bought a extra welder lead so i have 2 one i use for aluminum and one for steel so I don't have to change liners for fast change over as for the small little guides for wire were the rollers are i just leave the plastic ones in machine just blow them out with my blow gun to get any steel out of them and just switch rollers . I run both tanks on my cart with a 3 way valve to switch from co2 and argon .

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