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    Default Project #5 from CGCINC. Category: Custom Automotive off road Welding

    I sponsored this 7yr. old last year for his season. Free welding on all his carts.
    Now he has moved up in class and cart and I'm sponsoring him again this year. I think this cart does somewhere around 60mph and he said in two years he will jump to a cart that does 125mph!!! 10 yrs. old and doing 125~!!!!!!!!!!

    This is just a seat mount bar they needed welded in.
    I cut and ground the ends to match the frame then used my 250EX to Tig it in place.

    PowerTig 250EX
    Power I-MIG 200
    Power Plasma 50
    It's what you learn, After you know it all, that counts!

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    What type of Kart is that; road course, pavement oval, or dirt oval? I have some friends that have raced karts of the years. I can't figure it out, because it cost some $$$ and has the crappiest payout in all of racing! You see guys roll up with a toterhome and 30' covered trailer with two karts inside! I've driven a dirt kart and they are fun to drive.
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    It's a dirt oval as far as I know.
    PowerTig 250EX
    Power I-MIG 200
    Power Plasma 50
    It's what you learn, After you know it all, that counts!

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    I was raised around karts as a kid and always wanted to take my fathers race kart out to the track. I still would love to get into racing, but that is not a cheap hobby by any means! Dirt racing would be a blast though!

    It's nice to see that you're helping to keep a kid out of trouble and off the street. What's even better is his parents are willing to keep him involved in that hobby, regardless of the expense!

    Your weld looks great! Did you use a pulse setting to achieve that bead with the torch switch? I'm not familiar with using pulse settings with TIG, but it sure looks pretty. That position you welded in looks very uncomfortable however!

    Get some padding for your poor knees! My knees, back, and neck hurt just looking at that photo!
    New Everlast PowerTig 250EX that is begging for me to come up with a few welding projects so it can stretch it's legs. Did someone say aluminum???

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    lol... Yeah, did hurt my knees a little. No pulse settings, just slow and steady
    PowerTig 250EX
    Power I-MIG 200
    Power Plasma 50
    It's what you learn, After you know it all, that counts!

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    I'm speaking mostly from an autocross racing perspective here (which is definitely paved, and turns both directions), but I've always admired the performance potential of the 125cc shifter karts. Their 0-100mph-0 specification (something like 10 seconds is typical) is pretty much untouchable by most everything else out there, regardless of its size. Seems like a whole lot of "bang for the buck". And a new set of racing tires for them cost a fraction of what they do on a full sized sedan.

    That said, your body is kind of "out there" with a kart (with standard safety gear including anti-abrasion suits), so I do prefer the safety better of having metal wrapped around me. And I'm not sure it'd be very fun in the rain getting sprayed by water coming off the tires.
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