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Thread: power cord

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanh View Post
    That's what I'd do as well if I were in your shoes. But I'm in my shoes at least for today. And up here the cheapest Nema 14-50 plug is 50 CAD before tax at the home deep.
    That's just crazy. They must not stock the average kind or something. Just get one somewhere else.

    Or the nice RV style ones that Travis mentioned for just a little more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by travis View Post
    looked at 6/3 with ground lat night 4$ a foot i need 3 ft no more one female outlet and box cover as for end of cord iam really liking the rv plugs with handles i think it would be nice they about 20-25$ each
    Or less depending.

    These work really well for the end of a cord as they have a clamp type strain relief and a metal back for that purpose. With a cord plugged in the cables go in opposite directions so they lay flat. But you can't be throwing them around as the housing is plastic and will break, if abused.
    Or one of these.
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    iam thinking the rv handle ones would be so nice for end of cord and end of welder cord

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    Yeah, I didn't even think of Amazon. I've had issues about shipping policies with some of their sellers. You really can't get much from amazon up here. Ebay shipping was a killer too. Not to mention brokerage fees, duty and taxes on top of that. Sad to say but even buying online nowadays makes me want to buy local.

    On the handle issue, I'm not a big fan. Probably because I've had to use the welder in a few tight spaces and needed every inch of clearance possible. Brought it over to my neighbour's and had to pull a stove and still could barely fit the connector. I'm sure if it's going to stay in your shop forever that's not going to be an issue.

    Go with whatever makes you comfortable it's not really a big issue as long as you can strike an arc, IMHO.
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