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Thread: Suggestions on best fit for the needs of a small operation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GV00 View Post
    I'll be doing a lot of body work on an old Landcruiser BJ40
    Cool, post up some pictures as you can! I've always liked the FJ40s, thought about buying one and never did. Is the BJ40 the diesel version, or something? I thought I was pretty familiar with the FJ series and never heard of BJ40 until your post- altho I searched and found references on other sites.
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    I have a somewhat similar situation, and solution for running outside my shop, opposite side of the building from where the indoor 220 volt outlets are. All I do is open up a lug on each leg in the breaker panel and stick in an end of my "extension cord", which is a 30 foot piece of 2/0 aluminum service wire, along with the ground, of course. The other end has my receptacle on it. Works like a charm, cost less than $50.00 total, and when I'm done, no one would ever know any different.
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