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Thread: Gonna Be Dry Now

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    Default Gonna Be Dry Now

    Picked up two new clear whole house water filter canisters on eBay for $30.
    Found a 50lb. pail of desiccant on Craig's for $15, and only 5 minutes from my house.
    Put it all together using a wound filter and put it on my compressor here.
    Next week I'll be putting the other one on my other compressor in the country that I use for my Super Cut 50 which already has a Moto Guard on it now.
    I'll be wall mounting it so all the air I use there will be dry and it should last quiet a while.
    The desiccant doesn't change color, so I added some color changing just so I could check the progress.
    No pressure drop across this guy. Stuff was made for high volume large filters.
    It can also be reclaimed, so that bucket will be around after I'm gone.

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    Default Seriously Bummed now

    I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to make a good dryer without spending the $200-$300 that they seem to be going for. I had a 2 stage RO filter from my "indoor gardening" days that was just gathering dust and, even though I'm a notorious packrat, I THREW THEM AWAY!!! Now that I've seen your Idea, I'm kicking myself, and looking for the same setup that you have here. Thanks for the idea.
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    You're running post-regulated pressure in there, right? Figure they could handle city water pressure or boosted water pressure, but pre-regulator can be upwards of 150 easily for home compressors, toss in the stresses of rapid pressure changes and pulsation... what's the max you plan to run?

    Hooda, I've been in that same boat 20 times in the last three months. Wife pushed me to throw a bunch of stuff away, needed every last thing within a month of chucking it. All looked like garbage, part of this, part of that, etc. but I had hung onto each thing for years, then needed them shortly after giving them to the garbage man.
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    Running straight off the compressor, no problems so far.
    If I remember right they are rated for 120psi.
    Neither of my compressors put up more than 130psi.

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