I'd like to go tig and light up some thin stuff and have finally acquired all the necessary accessories except for the argon. Been combing Kijiji, ebay, CL and local classifieds but have come up short. All that's really available are those small 10 CF bottle to fill party balloons. And anything of any use is out of province or would cost the same amount in gas/drive.

Have checked out praxair, canox and airliquide but they are highway robbers. A new tank and fill will net about 250 CAD and only available in 40 CF. Then bring it to them to swap for a used one, wtf! Seems they don't like to sell personal tanks larger than that for some reason. Leasing a tank is even worse and too much for my needs. So I come back to you, the community! Does anybody living within a 2hr drive of Cambridge, ON have a high pressure cylinder they could part with. I'm looking to spend less than 100 CAD, if possible.

If all else fails, I'll have to trade my 40 CF O2 bottle for the argon, affectively nullifying my gas welding setup. REALLY don't want to do that just to get 40CF of argon. (2 - 3 Hrs torch time?)