I just received one of our QLBF-200 amp MIG spool guns but it was not for the iMIG 205. Rather getting another gun, I figured I would just swap the connector with a 7 PIN din to fit the iMIG205.

After doing so, I thought others might want to pickup a gun and add it to other units. I've used the gun and it works on the iMIG205 (limit is up to 24 volts to the motor). This is general knowledge, so we can not be responsible if you damage your unit or spool gun.

Feeder motor is a 0-24 volt motor.

The pinout is as follows:

Pin 3 is GREEN (ground to motor)
Pin 5 is RED (positive to motor)
Pin 6 and 7 are shorted to tell in the welder a spool gun is attached