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Thread: 2007 Subaru STI - Weekend Warrior

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    The factory put out 3 different blocks; open, semi-closed, and fully-closed. The open can handle ~350 reliably. The semi-closed can handle ~500 and the fully closed can handle about ~600 without blowing up. If you're planning on more than that I would go with the fully sleeved aftermarket block like alcoolaid did.
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    how long is the lag running that much boost? I am curious to see your track times running slicks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    how long is the lag running that much boost? I am curious to see your track times running slicks.
    It's not bad at all. Starts building boost by 2,000rpm and I can get 25 psi by 3,800 rpm in 4th gear. So well over 4,000rpm powerband. The twinscroll header and twinscroll turbo definitely helps with this.

    I only went out to the track twice. Each time I only did one run. Either it was too cold or I got kicked out for going too fast. First run I did 11.34 @ 127. Next time I did 11.24 @ 126. Both times on street tires and low boost. On slicks and high boost I'll be in the mid 10's. Not bad for a car that is setup for road racing.

    Have some videos of my runs on my youtube channel.

    In one video the guy tells me to slow down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 225 View Post
    I was about to ask about forged internals. That's what usually makes Subie's go boom.

    I had a 07. I flipped it.

    Been thinking of buying a higher mileage 05ish. And doing some motor stuff to it.

    What you think?
    Yeah, 05-07 pretty much the same but on the 07 you get the longer gears in the transmission which is a good plus imo.

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    the hawkeyes look fantastic, great job on yours! ahhh i miss my 05 sti
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