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Thread: Best thc for power powerplasma 50

  1. Default Best thc for power powerplasma 50

    I am looking to build a cnc plasma using the power plasma 50, just wanting to know what thc people have been using with success with minimum stuffing round, is there a plug and go system?, I have built plenty of cnc routers but plasma is a new one for me

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    If you have built a CNC router why not build a plasma one??????
    The software is the same or very similar. You just make it out of stuff that don't burn. There are posts there and other welding sites with info to help.
    Many guys put routers on their plasma tables I did.

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    maybe i didnt explain myself properly, i was wondering what THC module people are using. i will use the same drivers and weld it up the same but the only thing that i need to know is the THC module
    PS, i did read thru the boards but everyone is talkiing voltage dividers and i didnt see one that plain andd simply says this is how i got it working.

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    Try That's who I got mine from. I got their entire Dragoncut AIO (all in one) controller, but to the best of my knowledge, they may sell a THC for retro on other controllers. Worth look. I can remember when THC control meant use less fertilizer!!
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    From my research there only seem to be two main stream options in the low cost area ($300+ range).

    The first is C and CNC with their low cost THC (make sure you add in the price of cables and a other necessary parts so you get a accurate idea of cost).

    The second is the one I've sometimes heard referred to as the "Eagle" controller. You can find it on ebay and its from Proma Elektronika (I think they are in eastern Europe).

    Both have their plusses and minuses.

    You can see the details of Sean Murphy's CNC build where he used the Proma:

    With the Proma unit, you have to open the PP50 to connect it. And I think they recommend you need to mount the unit on or near the plasma cutter. I didn't want to do that.

    When I contacted C and CNC about using his unit with a PP50 - he started trashing Everlast and said he wouldn't provide me with a warranty if I purchased it. Based on that interaction, I decided not to do business with him. Though, others have purchased and used his systems - so it may be a "your mileage may vary" thing.

    I spent extensive time looking on the web for details on a completed and documented DIY THC. I haven't been able to find any. Lots of folks start working on them, but they never seem to finish.

    Based on my experience with C and CNC, I decided to start my own THC. It's not a trivial project. Additionally, every brand plasma cutter and CNC/motor controller interface is different. So, doing a generic solution is much more difficult because you'd almost need one of every plasma unit you wanted to support (I only care about doing one for my PP50.)

    I've been doing embedded control software for 30+ years and I have the support of an electrical engineer with the same amount of experience level. It's been a lot of work and taken a lot of time (but its stuff I like doing). I'm nearing the point where its working well enough to publish details.

    BUT - I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who wants a turnkey solution or doesn't have any experience with electronics. It will be a cheaper solution (about $50 for the arduino, display, proto board and relay board and another $50 in parts) but you'll need to build it yourself, and know enough about your setup to do all the cabling.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for taking the time for the reply, I got the same response from candcnc, he was very rude and said everlast were garbage and he wouldn't support with warranty blah blah blah, but the thing is I don't have $3000 to spend on a plasma unit for my cnc and the everlast powerplasma 50 is 1/3rd the price, I have been looking at the proma unit as well, I don't think I would mount the unit inside, from my understanding the plasma unit only requires 2 leads from the proma unit? So I would just setup a plug on the unit and make up a cable that can just plug it in when needed.

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