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    I am real close to deciding what TIG machine to purchase, I was considering the PowerMaster 205 and now I am more inclined to get a separate plasma and Tig.
    I was reading a post regarding the PM 205 being an entry level machine and the foot pedal had a separate rheostat for TIG.

    1.-Does the PowerTig 225LX have a rheostat on the foot pedal or is it controlled by the panel?
    2.-I do not see a manual for the 225LX or I cant find it on the website.
    3.-What are the main advantages of the 225LX over the 200DX, what are the main "extra" that you get

    Sorry to bother with all the questions but I really want to make an informed decision. Many Thanks!

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    The pm 205 and 200 dx have similar setup on the foot pedal.

    The manual should be up soon. pm me your email and I will email it to you.

    The 225 lx are built with modules rather than individual igbt's. It has more amperage, better features and panel control over the foot pedal.

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    I have the 225 LX. My understanding was it had AC for welding aluminum. Not 100% sure on that but that's what Oleg said. I was confused exactly what model did what so I waited til I got to the warehouse to choose.

    It just doesn't have a plasma...that's on order.

    Oh, The rheostat sets the max output on the panel that the foot control can deliver. Pretty neat so you won't put too much amps into the work.
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    Everlast 225 LX
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    HF 130 TIG/90 ARC
    HF 90 fluxcore

    ATX MIG (don't ask)

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    DX and LX both have AC

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    Does the DX have the high frequency start and foot control? Maybe I should have bought the DX.

    On a side note. I was wondering what would be involved in trying to spot weld(quick tack) some of the .040" SS. I was thinking about building a small set of draws to hold the consumables on my cart...seein' as my TIG welding of the .040" is so bad.

    Everlast 225 LX
    Everlast PP 50

    HF 130 TIG/90 ARC
    HF 90 fluxcore

    ATX MIG (don't ask)

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    The DX is only 35% duty cycle and it also has a foot pedal that works differently. Amperage is controlled through a separate rheostat on the foot pedal, that limits maximum amount of amps. On the lx and ex, it is controlled at the panel.

    As a note on the spot welding, the EX has a feature just for it that actually times the weld cycle. But, if you a use the 2t torch function, it will do a fantastic job since you can easily preset all the parameters, especially on the lx, that control slope and post flow. All you have to do is time it your self.
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