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Thread: PowerCart 250 - Optional Wheels?

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    Default PowerCart 250 - Optional Wheels?

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is in optional wheels for the powercart 250?

    I have a PowerPro 256 and a W300 water cooler I want to put on it, and I want to make sure the wheels are adequate for moving all that weight around the shop.

    How much additional cost are the optional wheels? and what is the weight capacity with the standard wheels, vs. the optional ones? and I how can I order the cart with the optional wheels?


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    No such thing as optional wheels. You may be referring to stock pictures the webmaster insterted, which features a "version" of the cart sold in other countries. It uses cast iron with rubber wheels for the rear, and standard castors on the front.

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    The cart has a maximum weight of 375Lb, your welder/cooler combo is under 150Lb so you'll be fine. If you just want larger wheels, that would be a cheap easy project.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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