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    This is a review for the Everlast PowerArc 160 STH Stick/Tig Inverter. After doing a lot of homework on different comparable machines, I decided to purchase this particular one instead of the blue ($$) alternative. I contacted Duncan numerous times to pick his brain on different aspects, features etc. on various machines, and was very satisfied with the knowledgeable, and helpful responses I received from him. He even helped me out with my wiring issues which we discovered were on my end, and not the machine itself. I have used many different inverter style welding machines from both the red and blue guys, and to be totally unbiased, and honest - the weld quality on this machine is nearly identical to the others I have tried. I was (to be honest) kind of skeptical about these machines being relatively new to the market, but have been very impressed with both the customer service, and the machines in general. The machine itself, and the foot pedal I ordered with it have had about 15 hours weld time on them with tig, and about 15 hours of stick welding as well. The machine never sputtered or complained, just kept welding happily away. The cables, torch etc. are kind of what I expected in this price range, but as far as function, they perform well. I have always used Weldcraft torches, so this style of torch takes a little getting used to (in my opinion anyway). The only thing I would recommend to Everlast, is that they include some sort of cap to cover the argon ports, while stick welding if you take the machine elsewhere from the Tig setup like I do (keep dust, and grinding dust out of the solenoid). So in short other than the growing pains I am having with the tig torch, I have nothing but good things to say about this machine, and this company.
    Everlast - keep up the good (hard) work, and your market share will continue to grow......

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    Great review. I like reviews that aren't biased (one way or the other).

    I was really close to buying either the 140ST or the 160sth but ended up getting the PowerTIG 185. I love my PT185 but the 160sth still has a special place in my heart because of all of the research I had done on it.

    Glad you are liking it. Cheers!
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?

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    I use mine for portable repair welding, I just put a disposable earplug in the argon fitting. You could also rubber band something over it, or use a plastic cap from an AN or other fluid fitting. Maybe even a USGI muzzle cover with a little foam tape inside for a snug fit. But yeah, a factory model would be convienient. S/F....Ken M
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