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Thread: Hello from 1945 Speed and Custom

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    Default Hello from 1945 Speed and Custom

    I'm Jeremy Baye from Albany NY, I own a custom car shop in Troy NY called 1945 Speed and Custom. I use a Everlast power tig 225, a power Plasma 50 every day and am totally happy with them. I will buy more Everlast equip in the future.

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    Welcome to the group, good people here, some doing the same kinda work as you,,,lot's of info here and a few laughs as well..
    Some of those lies people tell about me, are true

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    Welcome, Jeremy! Geezer is right. Plenty of nice, knowledgeable people here. Cheers!
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?

    Everlast PowerTIG 185 Micro IGBT AC/DC Welder

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