Hello folks,

"New to arc" guy from Cambridge ON here. I just purchased a PowerArc 140ST yesterday. Did about 2 weeks of soul searching to see what I really needed in a welder but ultimately went with what I could afford. Haven't even set it up and welded with it yet so can't say about the performance but the inspected and tested stickers give me assurance that it works. Bought a 120v plug and turned her on. The range on 120v seems to go from 9 to 84 amps. Will be getting on that soon after I get some rods and a proper helmet.

Only have a few years of gas welding experience and confident if given 2 bottles and a torch. Anything arc is new and I'll probably be lurking quite a bit here as well as Jody's site and weldingweb. Give me some time to get the tig thing going once I get finances in check.

I have a few projects in the near future including redoing the exhaust on the beater, a teardown and rebuild of the utility trailer, cafe racer mod on the bike and fixing the front gate so we get less dog shat on our yard.

Future upgrades may be in the works a few years down when I can afford it. Really wana try AC tig with all that AC balance stuff. I eventually want to build my dream bike from scratch with 2145 T451 alloy. That'll be sweet! Although the pricepoint of these boxes are quite a discount compared to blue, red or yellow, they still are an investment for me.