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    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I live in the high desert of Cali right outside of Edwards AFB. I've been looking for a welder for a while now and I think I've settled on the PowerPro 205. I'm not a professional welder and won't be using this to make my living, just a hobby box for the garage. I currently have a little 110V mig machine in the garage that is only good for sheet metal and light duty stuff. Upcoming projects are to build a stand for the JD Squared M32 tube bender I just picked up and to make a rolling stand for the bandsaw I bought a few months back. I'm currently stripping a 5.0 mustang and want to put the engine/trans/rear into an 82 BMW 320i I have thats about to crap out. This will include fabbing up motor mounts, trans mounts, and most difficult, converting the rear end from independant to 4-link. Most of my welding will be done on thin wall tubing, but later projects will be welding 2" by .25" wall tubing, so thats why I've settled on the 205 model. I figure with a helium mix I should be able to stick quarter inch tubing together even if the welder is a little underpowered for it. I took a welding class back in college for our SAE team, but haven't seriously welded in more than 7 years. I was looking to actually buy the PP205 shortly after X-mas.

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    Howdy, agent4573!

    Have you used your tube bender yet? I've come across threads where people have mentioned their tube benders and it seems their owners have really liked them.

    That sounds like a really good project to get into with the BMW. The welder will be a great Christmas gift for yourself to get things going. Make sure you update us with your project as you progress. Cheers!
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?

    Everlast PowerTIG 185 Micro IGBT AC/DC Welder

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    Not yet. I've poured the concrete base for it and made as much of the stand as possible but I'm waiting on new blades for the bandsaw to cut out the last bit of stand and I need to get a hold of my buddy and borrow his welder to put it together. I really want to give it a try, just waiting on pieces right now.

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