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clamp in (work) - pulse seems to help on flat surfaces but no not using it now trying to get it to weld proper without first. tried

Steel %75ar-%25co2 .035 1/8-1/2 in thickness all kinds of combinations of V and amperage always starting with the recommended settings and slowly moved around from there.

Aluminum %100 ar spoolgun .8mm wire .090-1/4 in thickness all kinds of settings and thicknesses always starting with recommended, same result piles up on the surface or jumps to spray arc and melts to a ball 1/4 away from work and flows with gravity from there only looks good on flat steel cant really put it where you want it
I have worked as a mig welder in the past so I have experience adjusting mig machines, also used to build aluminum awnings for another company using a spool gun everyday
I still have to put the tie bar in for the awning caves I really dont want to have to tig weld the 125ft of 3/4 by .090 aluminum square tubing thats what I bought the mig for
is there any way to adjust the wire speed without messing with the amps?

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I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds as if you need some instruction in MIG, because wire speed and amps is the same thing...you cannot divorce the two EVER...not in true mig. Where is your arc force set? What settings are you using? Again, which drive roll are you using for the steel? And how are you controlling wire speed on your spool gun?

AND Pulse in MIG is designed for spray.