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  1. Default 250P pulsed mig

    I am considering the 250P. Howerver, I have several questions.

    1. It does not accept a spool gun. Which I am not a fan of anyway, but assuming it's a push gun that is supplied, are there any feeding issues when feeding softer alloys like 4043?

    2. Is it possible to adapt a push pull gun?

    3. I would be using the unit for aluminum mainly but would like to have the option for other metals. Is a liner kit available or would it be more practicle to purchase another gun?

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    I am sorry, but somehow this thread did not get answered. It happens sometimes, when we get interrupted, and have to leave the screen for a few minutes, as it won't show the thread under new threads anymore when we come back.

    A liner/ drive roll kit is available. Perhaps someone could adapt a spool gun, but you would have to tie into the circuitry.

    4043 should feed. I cannot say for sure as I haven't done any welding with it yet but that is what our factory has made it to do with the liners and 4 roll drives.

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    This does not pertain to the posts prior to mine.

    With that said, I'd like to ask advice from Members or Support.

    I'm going to try welding a broken cast iron 2 way cross vise. I've already got my V channel ground.

    These would be my steps of operation:

    First, Heat both broken sections by placing them in cherry red coals in a metal 1/2 barrel from our wood stove (this should give me my 1100 F*).

    Second, Weld (flux core is only thing we've got) it while it's gently clamped in my bench vise.

    Then, Quickly replace it into the coals this will allow it to cool slowly, just letting the coals burn out.

    Thank you,
    I Love Plasma

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    Default Noma-Cast Rod

    We're probably breaking some kind of protocol by putting this in the middle of another thread.
    My advice, take it or leave it. Stick weld it!
    There is a specialty rod called Noma-Cast, I have had VERY good luck with this rod, being a vice I assume looks aren’t a number one consideration.
    Hears a quote from the package.
    “Noma-Cast is specially developed for welding dirty, heat-affected, contaminated and oxidized cast iron where machinability is not required. Noma-Cast bonds to oil impregnated cast iron due to it’s non-conductive flux coating and nickel-free weld metal composition, it seals in porosity generating contaminates prior to finish welding with nickels. You can even use it to fill in large holes and join steel to cast material.”
    Check with your welding supply store.
    Just some advice from an old-timer, sometimes stick still is the way to go.

    Everlast Sales and Support Team.

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    Thanx Ray. Not certain what I'll do yet.

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    Post Noma-Cast rod

    Technical data if your at all interested.

    Tensile Strength – 62,000 PSI
    1/8” rod 70 - 125 Amps reverse polarity (DCEP)
    Made by Forney, (no I don’t work for them.)

    Everlast Sales and Support Team.

    877-755-9353 X207

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    A lot of vices are white cast iron and will not weld. So beware of the white cast. Grey cast will be fine. You could braze, though strength would be compromised somewhat.

    Peening will help keep spider cracking down.

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    I'm pretty sure it's gray iron......Looks just like this picture I found Googling.

    This is just for informational purposes no copyright infringement intended.

    Thanx Ray and Mark. I found some of those rods at

    I Love Plasma

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