Well folks here's my first attempt at a project with my new PowerTig 200DX. It will ultimately turn into the electronics enclosure on the motorcycle I've been building over the last year. It shouldn't have taken this long, but a winter project in Maine in a garage without insulation or heat sort of sux. On top of that work and life just plain old get in the freaking way. Anyways...
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This TIG'd up box used to be a TC Brothers battery box that I hacked up. Bike is going to run without a battery and I had no use for this from the previous owner. No before or during photos. Sorry.
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Piece of 16ga. sheet metal all cut up and ready to be bent to form the lid of the box.
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Lid all bent up via the use of a bench vise, block of wood, and a BFH (Big F'ing Hammer).
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How the box stands after a couple hourse after work last night. I still need to figure out mounting tabs to get this bad boy on the frame, as well as some clasps to hold the lid tight with a rubber gasket under it to keep the water out.

Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially with the welding job. I know it's not that great but 16ga. sheet metal is one hell of a thing to start off on.

I used 1/16 ER70S2 filler with a 3/32" 2% Lanthenated tungsten with about 8 LPM argon. Is the Electrode too big for this gauge? Seemed to strugle a bit. Either that or I just need some more practice.