We all have our "Duh" moments...I have my share. I am posting this without names or mention of real specifics...but..

Today I received a call from a customer with a new unit, just unboxed, and it was not functioning...He said he had tried it in his shop outlet and his big generator. My first thought was maybe it was the generator...but he said the shop outlet did not come on either. Then my next thought was to check the plug wiring. Sure enough he was wiring into a 4 wire plug, so I got to thinking that was it...But then he said NOTHING would come on so usually even if only one leg is wired right it will come on, at least partially and the lights and fan will spin... He said no lights and when he flipped the switches on the front, nothing would happen. BAM! It hit me. "Sir, did you turn the unit on in the back where the switch is?" C-L-I-C-K....Hmm..thought we got disconnected, but thank goodness for caller ID so I called him back. I said, "sorry we got disconnected there," He said, "Oh, yeah, the unit just came on when I turned the switch...I thought the switch was on the front".

Moral of the story: We all make mistakes. But it proves the point that we should ALWAYS check the simplest things first before we assume the worst.