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Thread: broken cut50D, no help

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    i purchased a cut50D oct 5 08 it took 3 weeks to get to me and when it arrived it had the wrong torch and no extra consumables as stated, so i fired it up and on my second use it quit working completly so i contacted alex and was promised lots of things but nothing was ever done, it has been broke now for nearly 3 weeks. i was sent a dhl shipping label but the closest drop location is over 50mi away, last week alex promised me a fed ex label but it never showed and now i get no response from alex or anyone else. it is very distubing to sit here with a 500 dollar paper weight and no help. i am very disapointed with the whole situation.

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    Ace driver,

    I personally sent an email for someone to get back to you and was told it would be handled. And I think I responded to you on the weldingweb forum. Just called the office and was given the details. Alex told me it was all worked out.

    I am in support for unit issues, not in the shipping department. I was told they sent you a DHL label 2 weeks ago to return the unit, however DHL is far from you and they also went under on the US deliveries. So we had to get a Fed Ex account setup before we could send another label.

    Anyway. It will be worked out, timing and location can sometimes be an issue.

    Mike R.

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    broken unit has been shipped back and alex is working on the situation thanks for the help.

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    i recieved a replacement cutter and some extras for the hassle, lots of shipping issues but alex has come through.

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    Enjoy the cutter .. sorry for DHL problems !


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