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Thread: Change tig torch to a smaller water cooled torch

  1. Default Change tig torch to a smaller water cooled torch

    I like my new 256. Welds good. The large water cooled tig torch is fine when I bench weld. However, when I am in a chassis in an off position I would prefer a small water cooled torch like a weld tech. Has anyone changed out the standard torch for a smaller one? I am assuming the Everlast torch has the three line fittings in the handle or pig tail. Do I need just a torch or complete hose, cooler line assembly?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sure, quite a few here have successfully changed their TIG torches on their everlast machines. Try doing a search on the forum. Everlast sells torches that will fit, and various aftermarket torches can be made to fit as well.

    The WP-9/20 style with a flex head and small handle is pretty nice and maneuverable. Yes, you would typically change the torch leads out while changing the torch, some torches are compatible with the same leads, some use different leads. But to downsize from your current setup, probably plan on changing the leads. The torches/leads are usually sold together, pre-assembled. From aftermarket sources (such as CK Worldwide) there are highly flexible leads available, which are made out of silicone rubber having outer reinforcing braids, which are very nice.
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    You can go CK, they are nice and not cheap and you have to adapt them.

    Or call Oleg at 877-775-9353 ext 201 and get a price on a WP-20, small, nice, good price and water cooled. Or the WP-9 for air/gas cooled.

    You will like the wp-20. CK does have some nice super flexible hoses though.
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    Thanks, I will look at the WP9/20.
    Thanks for the info

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    We just did a video on our youtube channel about it.

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