Saw this old photo from my shop back in the early 90's, Thought some of the younger viewers and others might want to see it. I had a friend that wanted all the wood in his project replaced. It was a 1928 REO Speedwagon Cloud Coupe, The sheet metal was all nailed to the wood body with 5/8" long cut square nails,( they were about 3/8" -1/2" apart a hell of a lot of nails). The bottom rails of the body were milled from 2 1/4" x 10" Poplar boards ,the only part that i did not have to replace the wood in were both doors they were still solid.It was one of the more interesting cars i had done and had some very unique things on it.Below the rear window was a small steel tube soldered to a metal box ,the tube ran thru the floor and out the bottom of the vehicle.The owner said he had no idea what it was , after a little thinking we figured out it was a rain gutter and a downspout for the back window to drain water that leaked in around the glass. It also had a small door on the pass side behind the door, it was about 10" square with a shelf behind it, golf club storage.Click image for larger version. 

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