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    Newby question here -and I know the answer could vary by a great deal due to many factors but... I have a 150cuft argon tank that came filled showing 2100 PSI. I'm trying to gauge how much TIG welding (roughly) that gives you. Yes, I understand it depends on many, many things including flow rate and how efficiently I operate the torch etc... but, I'm looking for a ballpark estimate.

    So, assuming I'm running about 15 CFH, making lots of mistakes while practicing on a mountain of AL drops, how many hours (roughly) do you think I should get out of the bottle?

    Thanks for your patience on this question. I had problems with my initial setup and wasted a lot of time (and argon) in the first couple days. I'm down to 1800 PSI. ...Just trying to get a handle on how long I can expect a tank to last.



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    In theory, if the flow meter is accurate, you should get slightly under 10 hrs of flow time. That said, the flow meter is not set at atmospheric pressure (usually about 70 psi or so, but really depends on your pressure drop and actual flow characteristics a the regulator).
    You won't get all of the argon out either.

    Only way to tell is to try it. It will be different everytime. If you were an industrial user using it the same way everyday, you could estimate. No real way to tell for a hobby user.
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    From experience with various processes and various gasses/tank sizes... it will last approximately 5 minutes less time than you need it to.

    Pre and post flow, length of weld (thus the number of pre/post cycles) will all factor in. Remember, 10 hours of welding isn't 10 hours of on-time. You'll likely use more practicing than working in a given day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trip59 View Post
    From experience with various processes and various gasses/tank sizes... it will last approximately 5 minutes less time than you need it to.
    Ha..2x what Trip said.
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