I found a new 12 volt actuator that was bad from the factory to use as a bed lift for our John Deere Gator, the unit was new and did not work . Tried to power it up and it moved a little and just stopped. I also had to relocate the top pin hole on the housing as it was in the wrong direction 90 deg off. I tore the unit down and found it had a broken thrust washer in it from the factory. This got into the armature and moved a couple of windings into places they did not need to be. I got them wound back right tightened back up sparayed the armature and windings with sealer and put it back together. Luckily it worked. It was close to the specs that deere used so i decided to build the hardware.The 3 pictures show you what is inside the housing in case you find one and want to rotate the pin eye around or repair it..These work great for all kinds of things that need lifted, good for welding booms also.

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