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Thread: Upgraded tig torch to a CK9 flex head with SuperFlex power cable for my 200DX

  1. Thumbs up Upgraded tig torch to a CK9 flex head with SuperFlex power cable for my 200DX

    Hello all I have just upgraded to a CK #9 torch with 12' of super flex power cable and CK SL2-35LG SafeLoc Male Dinse.My total after shipping came up to $107,I am very excited and cant wait.After researching I finally pulled the trigger on this torch.After trying to put up with my wp26 torch that came with my 200dx I finally said I cant take it no more and pulled the trigger on this light and flexible torch.

    part numbers:
    CK CK9-12-RSF FX Torch Pkg 125A Gas Fx. 12-1/2' 1 Piece SuperFlex 1 $60.19
    CK SL2-35LG SafeLoc Male Dinse 35 (1/2"). (CK9,17,MR70) Q/D 1 $39.00

    I bought all the parts at and so far they seem to be the cheapest.Also this thread by zoama585 helped me out alot with setup, parts and part numbers

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    You'll be happy with it I'm sure.
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    That seems like a good deal. Let us know how it goes when you get the parts and torch. I'm sure that set-up will be a big difference in comfort and dexterity. Pictures if you can when complete.
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    I will surely take some pictures as soon as its here I cant wait

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    I think you will love it. It was the best thing I changed on my welder. It makes getting in and out and around things so much easier plus its less strain on the wrist.
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    Name:  thinking[1].gif
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Size:  4.0 KB Wouldn't it be nice if Everlast also sold CK torch packages ? It would be very easy too since CK will drop ship.
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    It would be great and that seeing I bought a wp9 everlast torch even though its lighter than the wp26 I am still not pleased with the maneuverability and hopefully ck torch fixes all that.

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    Got the package today and every thing was 100% plug and play no modifying anything.My first test weld was great and the torch is super light adding the flex head I couldn't ask for anything more!

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    Looks nice. Argon hose could be a bit shorter, but no big deal.

    The CK9 is rated at 125A for 100% Duty Cycle on DC and AC too...nice.
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    Looks very nice. I particularly like that CK has the knurled sleeve locks for the gas hose. Since they unscrew instead of crimp, you can shorten that gas hose up and not have to have that big loop of hose tie wrapped up.
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    I see Sjon Delmore went a little overboard on the gas hose length. All SafeLoc dinse # ending in LG had about a 10" gas hose that may have worked on the "LG" machine he tested it on, but was too short for Everlast.
    I recommended 18" be the standard so it would fit both brands and he agreed, but the picture looks like he decided on 6'... as long as it's plug and play and cost less than the low end ones. Name:  thumb.gif
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    Thanks guys,I will be shortening the organ hose too and I just love how the fittings are removable and the safe loc actually came with the quick disconnect fitting installed and that right there was a big plus! and did I say they all cost under $100.I would recommend a upgrade like this to any hobbyist out there because a better torch truly makes you love welding just for the fun of it and thanks zoama585 for your thread because I could never figure out how to use a single hose torch for my everlast 200dx and you made it look so easy.

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    Thanks for posting this. I just ordered one of these. It was a little bit more than yours maybe $5-10 but still will be much better than my wp-9/17 harbor frieght tig torch I am using. I rarely weld anything over 1/8" Steel or Al so this should be perfect.

    I used the superflex torches in school which is a 20 series and it is extremely comfortable in your hand even with 3 hoses.
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