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Thread: HF start?

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    I already bought the 225 LX but was wondering just what units have to HF start feature and what ones also had the foot control.

    It's just that it became a bit confusing switching back and forth between different units searching out features.

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    All units have HF feature and foot control, but there is no relation to the function of the two. The HF is the type of arc starting the unit has. The foot control controls the amperage. Your unit has HF, lift start, and a foot control.
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    I'm confused. The details/spec sheet on the 200DX said no Hot Start(Tig HF) but here you said it did.

    The HF start is the main reason I went to the 225 LX. The only other unit that showed the HF start was the 250EX.

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    I said "I'd buy one directly from the web site or a dealer if there is one near you. However, the frequency is 250 hz and yes, the Lift tig is a new feature. You still have HF start. The units are essentially the same in function though.

    We don't have any old stock on any units that I am aware of except the PowerPlasma 100's and PowerPlasma 60 E's which have not changed in their styling, since they are seriously commercial duty."

    Where did I say HF was the same as hot start? In fact there is a lot of difference. Hot start boosts the amps to establish the weld pool while stick welding. For tig you lightly touch the metal surface and lift up when the electrode begins to glow, and this is lift start, although it functions similarly to hot start.

    High frequency generates a high frequency starting current to "light" the arc without closing the gap. HF and Hot start are entirely different things. I checked the detail sheet that i have, and it lists nothing about the DX not having it. What sheet are you referring to?

    All units have HF start. All current POWERTIG units have lift tig. The lift tig is new.

    All AC/DC welders must have High Frequency to weld aluminum. That is a very basic to keeping a contamination free tungsten electrode. Aluminum easily will foul an electrode if lift start is used.
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    OK! Thanks Mark.

    I got the impression from Oleg that the 200DX didn't have the AC and high frequency start for aluminum. That's why I got the 225 LX. He didn't have the plasma cutter combo in at the time, either. Maybe I should have just waited the extra week for that unit to come in. I'm still going to have to make the trip to get the plasma cutter anyway.

    The 225 is a great unit has done stick and SS TIG and I'm working on aluminum.

    Everlast 225 LX
    Everlast PP 50

    HF 130 TIG/90 ARC
    HF 90 fluxcore

    ATX MIG (don't ask)

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    The I Tig 200 does not have AC, but it does have HF start, maybe that was what the confusion was.

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