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Thread: Everlast Videos from and Mr TIG

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    I have to say that I'm really "on the fence" about these videos. I watched one video and didn't think it was too terrible, afterwards I watched one of Jody's videos (months later) that was like night and day, and more recently, another Mr TIG video that wasn't that great. I wanted to poke my eyes out from boredom (Long road to a short idea).

    I really like Jody's style a lot better in general, but I find that some of the info Mr. TIG provides is really helpful (regarding his more complex/advanced videos). As Jakeru mentioned, I like any of the welding videos that show a clear puddle shot regardless of who is making it.
    New Everlast PowerTig 250EX that is begging for me to come up with a few welding projects so it can stretch it's legs. Did someone say aluminum???

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    I think he is providing good information for beginners and with the Everlast sitting in front does do some advertising of the unit. Like most of you guys I too loose focus during his videos.
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    His videos are like learning how to rebuild a carburetor with a crazy drunken uncle.

    I like Jody's down and dirty style much better.

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    one more ..

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    I'd just like to add that the purpose of the air test switch is to set your running (cutting) air pressure. The gauge will read higher than cutting pressure when the machine is not in use.
    For the unmentioned post flow setting, I like about 10 seconds... more if the cuts are long. This increases the life of your consumables. Also the standoff should stay in contact with your work and against the straight edge if using one.
    When done correctly the cut will be clean and straight with very little dross (recast). This pic is a normal result cutting 11ga (1/8") steel against a straight edge with an Everlast PP60 Best tool I ever bought. Name:  thumb.gif
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    I run about 10sec of post air as well. Cools consumables to help them last.

    Dry air and enough CFM most important, right amps and stand-off are important too.
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