Getting back into welding, got one of the Northerntool autodarkening helmets to try. It has sensitivity and shade settings. Went to do some mig welding and I am having a very difficult time seeing the the area I want to weld once I start welding (welded some nice straight lines...right out of the joint and across one surface :< . Tried turning the shade down to 9, doesn't seem to help. Not sure how the shade affects sensitivity, if it does... Suggestions?

Stats on the helmet:
Auto Darkening Yes
View Area W x H (in.) 3.82 x 2.44
Switch time (sec.) 1/25,000
Adjustable Sensitivity Yes
Variable Shades 9–13
UV/IR Coated Lens Yes
Adjustable Fit 4-pt. adjustable headgear, replaceable sweat band
Power Supply Solar w/ battery back-up
Low Battery Indicator Yes
large 3.82in. x 2.44in. viewing area