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Thread: Everlast 210 ext Review Video

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    Default Everlast 210 ext Review Video

    Just received this in my email, and I thought I'd share.

    Comparing Tig Settings using Miller Dynasty 200dx, Lincoln Invertec v205t, and Everlast 210 ext

    Why are some of the controls so different? For example, why is the AC Balance of -15 actually a 65?

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    Because "balance" is 50/50. S/F....Ken M
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    Balance at 50/50 is set at 0. This is not a thing unique to us btw...just not in the two most popular brands.

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    OK, we are talking alternating current. A percent plus and minus of 0 or center line.

    Their way, think of 50% as in the middle (50% plus of 0 and 50% minus of zero as the wave goes up and down). We call that a 0% offset on our panel, so 50% positive and 50% negative from 0.

    0 with our unit is even amount of + and - (50% plus and 50% minus, in the middle to them is 50. we call that 0).

    So more negative cleaning or positive in our case is from from 0 crossing line. Now go "negative" 15% from 0 on ours display would be -15 for us, or 65% (15% more negative of 50% or 65%) cleaning.

    Hope that helps, but the balance has always been something Miller worded wrong from the start and some others copied.
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    OK. That makes sense.

    The little Inverter I have now doesn't have any settings. It is either ON or OFF. All those settings seem overwhelming, but I am sure they help produce a much better weld.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2code View Post
    All those settings seem overwhelming, but I am sure they help produce a much better weld.
    I think the operator is the most important part. All the fancy settings in the world don't make up for welder skill... They are neat though :-)
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