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    i was asked to fabricate some new sticks and connect to damaged telehandler. no picture of weldout of connection.

    done with 7018; sleeve and two sides welded together with root pass. stick was done with NR 211 MP. one pass

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    Telehandler??? I had to look it up. The forklift that have the extendable booms. Learn something new everyday. I seen the boats in the background and was taking guesses. Never knew what the name was. For the uninformed like me...
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    Now a Shade tree TIG welder.

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    I have always called thoes a Gradall, but I think thats a name of a company. Is the telehandler used to stack and move boats? Do you work at a ship yard as I see the boats in the background.
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    i always called them lulls (a mfg) but telehandler is correct; they are used for moving just about anything. no this yard contains a lot of goods that will either be sold as scrap or repaired and shipped to south america or the islands. i am working on three (when the owner has the money, just fabrication) of them. in december i went to chicago for the guy and arranged for shipping a jlg 135 aerial lift. it is in pretty bad shape. it appeared someone was tied off while fully extended in a rock quarry, they began moving the unit and tipped over. couldn't get anyone on the site to give me the whole story. probably covering for a union bro.

    i had a labor contract to install rail on two large bridges, i used one to set nearly every section of rail up and down the bridge.

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    those are cool Dennis up the street has one he moved my big van norman crankshaft grinding machine with it , whats nice he pull up to my door and extended boom out almost all the way went under my 4000 pound machine lifted it and retracted boom to door way since to big to fit through my shop door way. and loaded on semi trailer since i sold the machine
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    We use them on a site where we have to move 250-300 gallon totes of hydrogen peroxide. Trick is getting the totes into position over and around all the piping onsite.
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