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Thread: Off to a bad start...

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    Default Off to a bad start...

    Would have liked to post some good news for my first post, but haven't received my PP50 yet.

    It all started last Friday when I contacted Richard, the local Everlast sales person was posting on Craigslist selling the Power Plasma 50. He advertised them saying he would deliver. I called and talked to him, thought about it over the weekend, and called him back on the following Monday morning. I purchased a Power Plasma 50 and consumables. I asked when he would deliver it, he said he didn't want to since I would see my new machine Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. I reluctantly said OK, as long as I had it in my hands on Thursday since I have a use for it over the weekend.

    I received a UPS notification a couple hours later. Come Wednesday, I checked the UPS tracking number and it indicated that the shipment was not received by UPS. I called Everlast and they said that UPS apparently forgot to scan it when they picked it up. I then called Richard, (the local sales guy) and he told me that it was my problem as soon as it left the shipping area. Needless to say I was furious....

    The next day I received a call for Alex at Everlast, saying to give it until Friday to show up and they would get UPS to put a tracer on it.
    Friday comes and it has not arrived, called Alex again, and he says they will ship one out to me next day on Monday.
    Time will tell if I actually get one on Tuesday.

    This all could have been avoided if the local guy would have actually lived up to his advertisement about delivery. I will not be doing any more business with him in the future.

    I am still looking forward to receiving the Plasma Power 50 and I hopefully be able to post good news about it.


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    When things screw up,,makes you wonder how cum it always happens to you and not somebody else,,,been there done that many times,,,just part of life,,,On the bright side,,I have a PP50 and I'm sure you will like yours when you get it,,,let's keep our fingers crossed on that...
    Some of those lies people tell about me, are true

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    Sorry about the mixup, but, I can assure you Oleg will make it right for you. It will ship from California probably so you should get it pretty quick.

    Was there any way you could pick one up from Richard? Or was he sold out?

    I can second what Geezer said. If something is going wrong it will happen to me. Especially if something I am excited about, Murphy's Law will double on me.
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    Thought I'd update.... Received my Plasma on Tuesday the 22nd as promised, it was over-nighted to me.
    It arrived in good shape and appears to work fine, unfortunately I am in the middle of moving my business at the moment so time to test it was limited.

    Thanks to all at the warehouse for taking care of this issue.


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    Glad it all got worked out for Gordon. They are usually pretty good about following up on things.
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