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Thread: Welding Newbie from northern CA

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    Hello everyone. I'm Brian from northern CA. I am very much a novice welder, but I'm looking to learn alot from people here. So sorry now for the stupid questions that WILL be coming from me! I bought a cheapie Campbell Flux Core 80amp unit off a friend a few years ago. It seems to be not such a good welder, with not much adjustment. But that could just be me also. I work part time as an automotive machinist, and at the shop we have a Miller Syncrowave 180 TIG. I have used it a few times and like the TIG welder way better than my FC. I'm hoping to get one of the multiprocess units soon, but may just pick up a TIG and a MIG seperately. Not sure yet.
    Newbie welder with just a Campbell Flux Core 80 watt "hot glue" gun, for now........

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    oh yeah forgot to add that I am a certified CAR NUT! I am in the process of building 2 cars, a 1931 Model A ford Coupe and a 1973 Plymouth Duster. The Coupe is gonna be on a 32 Frame with a blown chrysler 331 hemi, fenderless, A833 transmission, with a Winters quick change. I got most of the major stuff for it, just gotta come up with a frame for it. The Duster I just aquired this year. I have a turbo'ed 360 going into that one. Hoping to see a low-low-low 10 with that one. I guess I should state that I'm a Mopar nut also.
    Newbie welder with just a Campbell Flux Core 80 watt "hot glue" gun, for now........

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    Welcome to the group,,,we have people on this site that know just a bout everything about everything,,,some of them are pro's and some are newbies ,,but everyone of them knows something that can help a fellow on some issue or another...look forward to your input,, I'm a mopar guy myself...on the diesel side,,
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    Welcome Lucky,

    Take lots of pictures and maybe share a few, we all love car builds. Best of luck on a 10 flat.
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    thanks alot!! So far I have a couple of pics of both of them. They are both a LONG way away from being complete. But I set little goals and try to stick with em. Plan is to have the Duster's turbo stuff all mocked up and in place by the end of the summer. I have a mockup motor/trans going into it soon, so I should be able to start tacking it all up in place. Problem I'm having is stuffing 10 lbs of stuff into a 5lb box!
    Newbie welder with just a Campbell Flux Core 80 watt "hot glue" gun, for now........

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