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    Default A little somthing different.

    If you guys don't know what a supermoto is, it's a racing dirt bike that has different wheels and suspension.

    Here is a pic of mine before the rebuild:

    THe bike in action:

    Well last trip out I messed up my steering head bearings. This is what happens when you do too many wheelies:

    Then I did this....
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    Back from powder:

    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    New master cylinder:

    New clamps:

    Adjusting the valves:

    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    New brake lines:

    New billet Brembo caliper:

    I had to order a new stem. Old one was too small:

    Rear caliper:

    Rear master:
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    My man cave:
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    Nice... what size engine and what's the cruise and top speed ?
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    If I ever get fed up with being married, I'll just try a little motard project like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama585 View Post
    Nice... what size engine and what's the cruise and top speed ?
    It's a 450cc. It has a small gas tank so not really made for crusing. But with the gearing I run, I can do 70 on the interstate easy. There is no really comfortable speed because it's a race bike, that's street legal.

    Top speed is 115ish. It's made for curves. But I can do 100mph with my knee on the deck.
    Purple Fabricator 211i

  9. Default A little somthing different

    Looking nice neddu I really like your IL62 mod too

    Too bad the SCS Tu-134 is not working for me, the trim and the crew/gauge sounds just dont want to work


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