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Thread: The units are case you missed it.

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    Default The units are case you missed it.

    That's right, the units are in. I know a lot of you guys have been waiting to buy a new unit, but wanted to wait it out. So now is the time to get one if you didn't preorder. Shipping will continue until the last possible minute this week. We will have the Turkey lag this week so things will slow down after that, until next Monday. If you are considering a new unit, then the time is right.

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    Hello All,
    I was probably the first one to get the new 250EX and I must confess I really like this machine. I was about to purchase some thing else do to a job schedule and the good folks at Everlast took it upon themselves to arrange special delivery so I could meet my commitments. Not only was this outstanding customer service but the 250EX is a great machine too. Great power and a host of features not found on any other machine in this price range. The fit, finish and styling are very nice and the built in power source for the cooler will come in handy. I have not used the Tig but I have welded almost 10# of 6011 and 7018AC. The machine is very smooth and stable even under the typical power fluctuations that I tend to have where I live. I’m glad I purchased this machine and I look forward to getting the Tig under way in the near future.

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    If you have a project to start on Tuesday, I suggest that you go ahead and get some Argon today. Make sure you have everything lined up so that you can get it done. This will allow you a day to shop around for your best deal. A helpful hint: stay away from the Tractor Supply Stores unless that is all you have available because they typically are much higher in cost on gas. A local welding supply store in your area will be much cheaper and easier to get refilled. Don't consider anything less than 125 cubic foot tank. While you are there, pick up some red tungsten, extra cups and collets, even though you have some, you might just drop the torch and break a cup or two.

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    Which Machines (other than the 250EX) have the power output for a Tig cooler? is it a 110V or 220V outlet?

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    225 lx has it. They are 220V to match our water coolers specs. The coupling is Euro style 220 for the 220 plug on the watercoolers, so it is specific for our water coolers. This will prevent accidental connection even though the coupler is marked 220V.
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    Thanks for the advice. I have an account with a large welding gas supply company for my torch and Mig gasses so I will just add another bottle of argon to the list. I have 2 well stocked welding supply houses within 10 miles so the spare parts are not too bad. I do keep a small stock of parts in the shop for those Sunday failures. This project will be all stick! It’s big, ugly heavy equipment repair/modification. Not the fun stuff but it pays.

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    Heavy equipment repair IS the fun stuff in my book.

    A brief history lesson: RG LeTourneau, the "inventer" of the bulldozer, pioneer of diesel electric machinery (the first true hybrids), self propelled dirt pans, mastermind of rack and pinion technology and countless more commonplace contruction equipment machines and ideas, made welding a product together, instead of riveting and bolting an acceptable manufacturing and repair process in the industry. It was through his efforts that you do what you are doing today.

    An interesting tidbit of information relating to this: The first bigfoot truck utilized a set of mammoth tires, the largest constructed at the time robbed from a rusting piece of aircraft removal equipment LeTourneau built during WW 2.
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    Some where I have pictures of me standing under some of the Big Foot trucks. I met Bob Chandler about 25 years ago and got to talk shop with him for a while. Very nice guy and loves what he does. That type of heavy equipment is fun stuff.

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    great to hear the units are finally here. I have been waiting for my replacement unit for the longest time - I sure hope I am included in the first shipments...

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    It is the holidays....Call tomorrow and make sure and remind them. What replacement are you looking for?

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