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Thread: Greetings from Beaverton, OR

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    Default Greetings from Beaverton, OR

    Hello to everyone from beautiful (and wet) Beaverton Oregon.

    This my first post on this forum.

    I am considering the purchase of my first welder, a brand new Power Pro 205. Also looking at Miller and Lincoln.

    I will be using my welder to build EV's like e-power bike trailers and fast inline recumbents. I'm also interested in combining metal art with woodworking to create gallery quality art pieces.

    I was a Sr. Mechanical Engineer before retirement. I worked in the areas of Charged particle science and microscopy and automated production machine design.

    My other interests include: Fine Woodworking and Woodturning, Audio gear, Motorcycles (last bike was a BMW R1200C), and most kinds of technology.

    I'm looking forward to your help with my new adventures in welding....thanks...kunk
    Got a Welder, Earthling?

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    Oregon??? I have a buddy in Bend and a cousin around Harrisburg.

    I have also been looking at a Miller... But for the price the Everlast sure seems like a much better deal. I could buy a whole pickup full of welders and still be money ahead.
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    Welcome to the forum, and greetings from the other side of the mountain.

    One good thing about living here is how quickly the Everlast products arrive by UPS.
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    EV, like the fuel cell powered bikes? There was a company that used EV as the name for their products.

    Far as we go (Everlast) shipping should be fast.
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