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    Default Hello from Northern Illinois

    Just finished partially op-testing the newly delivered ProwerPro 256 with the W300 cooler sitting on a 250 cart. After a few corrective mods in the unit and a few more to do the initial GTAW and SMAW went smooth. Need to procure an in-line dryer prior to testing the Plasma Cutter. Still have to print and study the Power Pro 256 .pdf file. Need to modify the cart so the 256 can sit on its rubber feet and not slam the plasma regulator against my 125 cubic foot tank. The DC SMAW was very Smooth and the DC GTAW also was impressive. I tried AC GTAW on aluminum using an incorrect Tungsten, the tone of the arc changed and it seemed to work. So far I haven't let the smoke out of the green machine.

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the PP256.
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